FOKKER D.21 229

''Dutch Flying Legend''

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''Van Egmond's Masterpiece''

''The man and his machine'' 

Jack Van Egmond, the man behind the Fokker D.21!

Since I  was a boy I'm fascinated by warbirds, restoring, maintaining and flying them. At an age of 14 I had a dream, building once in my life the Dutch Fokker D.21 fighter. What started as a dream in 1959, became reality in 2012, when I received permission from the Dutch government to legally build the Fokker D.21, my boys dream became reality!

Some replica D.21's were built, but nobody has succeeded in building/restoring a flying example. But that is about to change. 

The D.21 tells the story of the Dutch defense in the early days of world war II. I started this project because I want to honor those who flew the D.21, and give Holland a flying D.21 back!

Together with my family, and the D.21 crew, we bring the D.21 and the history alive! In our hangars, in our minds, in your minds, in the Netherlands, upon this earth and finally in the air, for many years to come!

''Jack van Egmond''

The history of 229

''From 1940 till now''

All about passion

''From the very first stage it was already a very unique project. Getting a Fokker D.21 back in the air is not something simple. Restoring the original parts, making new parts, and all according to the original drawings. It took us 3 years to rebuild the entire wooden wing of 229. Three years of hard work of just grandpa Jack and me. After those three years we formed our D.21 crew. Nowadays we are with a group of 23 volunteers, young and old, both working very nice together.

The reason I started in 2014 with grandpa Jack his Fokker D.21 project was: To help him getting his dream coming true. A flying D.21.

Grandpa Jack is my big hero, he is the one who took me to the airfield since I was 3 years old. He taught me the skills of flying, he taught me the technical skills of aviation and he taught me how to restore such vintage airplanes. I'm very proud of grandpa Jack and all the things he achieved. And I'm very thankful to grandpa for all the things he learned and has given to me. Every Saturday it is a big pleasure for me to go with him to the airfield and get my hands dirty due to these wonderful warbirds. All the great moments will stay in my mind forever. And there is much more place in my mind for all the nice things that will come. For me these warbirds became also my passion.

There is also a future. The future of our 229. And the only thing I say about that is:

Together we will make the best of it!

I'm ready for the future. And I'm ready to be one of grandpa Jack his successors

Grandpa, I feel very honored and proud to be one of your successors. I will do everything to make the best of it. And keep your masterpiece up in air! For me our D.21 isn't just a warbird. For me it also represents you, your courage, your passion, and your love for aviation. It represents our family passion. The D.21 is an example that shows that dreams really can come true!!!''

''Tom Wilps''

Egmond Vintage Wings

''A unique vintage aeroplane collection''

Fokker D.21 ''229''

229, a presenter of freedom, a presenter of the Dutch Defense. 

229, a fighter of the second Dutch fighter squadron. 

229, a flying icon.

229,  the flagship of the Egmond Vintage Wings fleet!!