Memorial flights

The mission of the D.21 is to commemorate those who have fallen in the service of the Netherlands during the invasion of Germans in May 1940. Not only remember the fallen during the invasion, the D.21 will also remember all the fallen of the second world war.

What is a memorial flight? A memorial flight is a tribute of honor to those who fought for our freedom. A memorial flight takes us back to what has happened in the past.

From 2021, from March to November each year, the D.21 can be regularly seen in the skies over the Netherlands celebrating and commemorating public and military events.

Our memorial flights honors us to the thousands of men and women, in the air and on the ground, who gave their lives for our country in the noble pursuit of freedom.

"Lest We Forget"

For more information about memorial flights and what we can do please contact us.

Airshows and Displays

As you think of airshows, you think of warbirds, big formations of aeroplanes or just simple one single aeroplane performing wonderful displays. Our D.21 can be booked from March to November each year for Airshows and Displays all over Europe. 

For more information about booking our D.21 and what we can do please contact us.