''Cause together we can achieve anything''

Getting a D.21 back in air isn't that easy. You need experience, tools, materials, and much more. But without our partners it wasn't able to give 229 a new life.

Thanks to:

Crash 40-45 museum, Aalsmeerderbrug

Thanks to Crash we could investigate the wreck of 229 , for us that was really important to even begin the project. Without their permission to investigate 229's wreck, it wasn't able to rebuild 229! And Thanks Crash for all your efforts they you did for us, such as the historical investigations.

Royal Netherlands Air Force, department of Military Aviation Authority (MLA)

Our D.21 will fly thanks to the MLA with official approval from Commodore J.P. Apon under its former military registration 229. So much thanks to the Military Aviation Authority and Commodore J.P. Apon

National Military Museum (NMM) Soesterberg

Without an engine the old lady can't even take off. Thanks to the NMM our D.21 is now equipped with a full original Cyclone Wright GR-1820-F52.

Fokker Engineers: Frank van Dalen, Matthijs Kettenis, and Theo van Wierst

As we have the entire drawing set and strength calculations of the D.21 its not said that this meets the aviation requirements of today. Thanks to Frank, Matthijs and Theo, they recalculated every single detail in their free time. All 3 work at Fokker as Engineers. It was a bunch of work, but they made it and certified all drawings and recalculations as correct according to todays requirements.

EVW maintenance 

Thanks to the EVW maintenance, all this came together and the project is running successfully. They provides us certified technical support for now and in the future and is one of the most important certifying factors.

Phillips 66 Aviation Oil

Thanks to Phillips 66, our D.21's engine is the smoothes running engine a D.21 ever had!!!