“With attention to details”

 Since 2014, Jack and Tom have been busy restoring the 229. However, many years prior to that many things had to be done and completed before we could even start the project

In 2012 Jack received green light from the Dutch government to legally rebuild a Fokker D.21. 

May 6 2014 was the date the rebuild of 229 officially began! During the first 3 years Jack and Tom worked only together hard on the wooden wing. This 11 meter long wing is made up of various parts that are made with precision and professionalism. Making the wing is one thing, the metal airframe is the other. The hull is made of special aviation steel tubes that all had to fit exactly according to the drawing. The craftsmanship required for making it is unimaginable. Partly because of that, the D.21 was built. 

But not only the airframe consists of a tubular frame, but also the rudders and the horizontal and vertical tail surfaces are made from it. This is a very accurate job. When these parts were ready, work could continue, components were built in, fabric was applied and the controls were adjusted and connected. The engine was also installed on the airframe after detailed overhaul.

In december 2018, the offcial construction certifictates were signed, the first part of the certification was a fact.

Also the Royal Netherlands Air Force , department of Military Aviation Authority under command of Commedore J.P. Apon played a role in the project. The Commedore officially gave permission to let our D.21 legally fly under its former military registration “229”. 

 In the meantime, almost all aluminum pannels are ready and we are busy installing systems. 

Not only the D.21 has grown, but also the team that is being worked with. This consists of a large group with skilled and enthusiastic people in addition to family. Which accurately fixes every part, powerline cap or screw to the millimeter.

“together we make the dream come true”